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it's been a while.

'origami pains'

full circle and gaining fast-
your flame is folding like a bow-
the seeds you sew-
will never seem to last.

taming words you never learned-
and killing time you always kept-
pain falls deserved-
when you become inept.

'tender this flesh as payment'

for your time here
you spend it, you earn it
and certainly you spend

well i've given myself,
watched the grill with teeth clenched tight
and your pillsbury grin as you chew.

with one last breath
and with one last pull of the muscle
my brain sparks into wisdom

a realized man, at the end
i use my strength and my anger
to take back my self and my gore

"you'll have no more,
you rotten stinking hag
my flesh is my own, and my wish...

my wish is that you,
in your depth of disgusting
would leave me to die by myself.

my time has been wasted
in making you healthy
while losing myself all the while.

so get out, i don't need
that insufferable satisfaction
of giving and being taken advantage of."

the life stretched the floor
staining everything crimson
and finally rest caught my soul.
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