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Awake, lost souls carried over nights beloved child
Black and white portraits, divine lust of forgotten faces
Eyes burnt in film, memoirs of a distant time
Ravaged, rapped, thoughts shook with fear
A sleep that never came
Left waiting with the other unknown victims

So exhausted from passion, there's none left to burn
swallow mans made enemy, deep into coma
With confidence brought strong
Reality so fake
Sip the gold from pleasures cup
melt your heart into a steal puddle

All is worth that of divine green beauty
Buy your soul, replenished with greed
Red saturn dressed ruby earrings bare naked
owned from such wealth
Buy their faith, buy her heart
But all in good will

You left so tired never to return
To an unstable mind, taste of senile truth
We forgot ourselves, forgot this past
When was the mist so bare, our conscience so free
A dream, a dream
Selling life to a casket

It seems none but ourselves can free our minds
Hands red and sore, so cold from treatment
Awake, blunt death and confusion
Awake, saved but deprived of the past we sold
Awake, reincarnate into a world of questions
Awake, bleed nothing from what we always had

~Thank-you for letting me join
I am up for any advice, so please leave some if possible
(a lot of it may not make sense, it just felt right at the time)
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